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Jo Buysschaert's personal space

I am security presales at Forcepoint and this is my personal webspace.

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Pink Floyd trouw foto gewoon een paard

Some important images

Pink Floyd trouw foto gewoon een paard

Some important images

Pink Floyd

This group is part of my life. 1979 at the age of 4 in company of my dad and a friend of him, in a sports car. Comfortably numb, my very first real memory.


I'm merried with the love of my life !

Kids & Equestrianism

Due to privacy, I won't post any pics of my kids. I have 3 of them an I love them all equally


Ethical hacking

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Juniper Firewall


Bluecoat Proxy

foto pascal
Pascal Tolenaar
Project: Technical trainer
Company: Westcon Security

Jo is a dedicated technical person with good presentation skills. I have worked with him on the product BlueCoat and i have to say that his knowledge extends far average. Not only vendor driven knowledge but his knowledge in General is superb!

Top Quote
Albert Einstein

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere

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Symantec Data Loss Prevention


Symantec Encryption (PGP)

henny foto
Henny Raadschilders
Project: Security Officer
Company: Base

I have experienced Joachim as a security professional who has a no-nonsense risk based attitude and acts as an open, honest and fair persons. He has a can do attitude and has a broad knowledge about the ISO 27001 and the technical and organizational aspects of information security. I have worked with pleasure with him and assure that he can be of any added value for a security team.


Symantec Endpoint Protection

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roy foto
Roy Knaven
Project: Security Officer
Company: Base

I worked with Joachim for more than 6 months. His ability to give a clear opinion on and explanation of security issues, based on thorough security knowledge (both in the internal IT as for the mobile network) in combination with a critical mindset, makes him a valuable security professional. Besides all of that, it is also just fun to work with him!

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Ask me ;)

Benjamin Franklin

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.


Check Point

closeSint Niklaas, Belgiƫ

Drop me a Line: ghostshell apestaart

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